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One of my favorite things to do is inspire people to create and play with flowers, which is why I love to offer classes and demonstrations. I recently had the pleasure of teaching a holiday decorating class, which was attended by over 200 guests. In the two-hour demonstration, which took place at the Diablo Country Club, I showed the class how to create lovely holiday wreaths and centerpieces that are unique and yet simple to create.

The first was a gorgeous pine wreath. I used a metal wire wreath shaped framework and used floral wire to wrap layers of pine branches onto the base. I then added a large burlap bow to create a simple, elegant and modern wreath.

7-floral class 1 8-floral class 21-floral class 3

Next I created a pinecone wreath using natural bleached pinecones from our shop. These pinecones are unique in that they are a light, beautiful natural color due to the bleaching method used. Again I used a wire base and wired on each pinecone to create the look.

3-floral class 45-floral class 5


Another distinctive wreath I showed the class how to make was made out of wild kale. Because the kale needs to stay hydrated, I used a wreath base made of wire and floral foam made for fresh flowers. I simply wet the foam and inserted each piece of kale until the wreath was nice and full. I tied it off with a large red ribbon.

4-floral class 6


The final wreath I demonstrated was one made out of cotton! Cotton has been a trendy element for weddings as of late, and I wanted to use it in a creative way that can be used year after year. I used the same process of wire wrapping the cotton onto the wreath base, and tied it with a burlap bow. I especially love this wreath because it lasts forever and can be taken from winter to spring by simply changing the ribbon!

6-floral class 7

In addition to the wreaths, I created a centerpiece of red phaleonopsis orchids. I used a sweet little cake stand base that comes with floral foam. I then inserted the orchids into the wet foam and topped it with a silk ribbon and candles. This created a lovely little centerpiece that took only minutes!

2-floral class 8 1-DSCN1596_edited

I really love using materials that most people would not even think about using and creating a conversation piece for my friends and clients’ holiday gatherings. All of the guests came away with new ideas and inspirations for designing and creating their own beautiful holiday tables.

Classes and demonstrations are a great way for small gatherings or large groups to learn, get inspired, and have fun! If you’d like to learn more about our class offerings, please feel free to email or call me 415.385.2808. I would love to hear from you!


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