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The Story Behind Our Shop at the Fairmont Hotel

Sitting atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill, nestled in the Fairmont Hotel, our shop provides the public with Orna’s floral designs. But our space showcases much more than that; it also offers neighborhood shoppers and hotel guests alike to absorb Orna’s style through decorative objects we sell in the shop.

The store’s structural elements give immediate insight into to her creative vision. Floor imported from an old southern tobacco factory and a black soapstone sink taken from a 19th century New England barn provide a rugged chic ambience. The products sold are mixed in and around fresh flowers and arrangements made daily. Like the store’s construction, every object inside is consciously handpicked by Orna herself, and has a story to go with it. Whether it’s olive oil soap from Syria or a handcrafted velvet pumpkin, each piece invites a conversation.

Orna’s outgoing personality and friendly disposition carry this warmth and conversational atmosphere throughout the store. The chattering sounds are accompanied by constant flickering light of a candle and the floral scents wafting throughout, inviting anyone who might wander past. Once inside, the visitor’s curiosity is heightened by a wide range of textures and lusters. Carved ceramic vases sitting on shelves next to French hotel soaps; bleached pinecones sprinkled amidst sparkling ornaments; fresh flowers placed gingerly in metal farmshop canisters. Our shop provides not only tactile objects, but also inspired ideas, for our guests to take home with them.



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