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Find Inspiration in the Season: Fall Flowers and Foliage

Inspiration is everywhere, from a spidering crack on the sidewalk to a mural covered in morning dew. As the seasons shift, so do the elements that inspire us. Many of our brides and event planning clients ask which flowers are in season. Our world is so connected now that seasonality doesn’t always influence design. But Read more»


Luxury Fashion Inspired by Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are timeless. They inspire romance. They make a bold statement. They remind us of the beauty in the world. Just as we’re inspired to create floral designs for events and weddings, fashion designers are inspired to create beautiful pieces of wearable art.Read more»


How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Fresh flowers bring energetic joy to any room. Whether they’re in a vase on a kitchen counter or in a cascade along a wedding arch, fresh cut flowers make the ordinary special. When you invest in a beautiful flower arrangement, use these tips to extend the life of your flowers.Read more»


Wedding Season Siesta

Here I am taking a break amid thousands of rose petals right after a July wedding ceremony. Just enough time to gather my thoughts and scurry  to the reception adding the final magic to the reception decor. Next stop is to catch up on all our blog postings.Read more»


Bouquets to Art and the Art of Flowers

I am delighted to be an exhibitor at the annual Bouquets to Art exhibition and hope  that you can visit the exhibition and see my new installation.  The exhibition is hosted at the de Young museum and runs from March 19-23. Early in my career  I developed aRead more»


Floral Design Classses with Orna

One of my favorite things to do is inspire people to create and play with flowers, which is why I love to offer classes and demonstrations. I recently had the pleasure of teaching a holiday decorating class, which was attended by over 200 guests.Read more»


On Trend: Paper Flowers

Chanel has been influencing designers and fashionistas alike since ‘Coco’ first stepped into the Parisian Haute Couture spotlight. The maison has introduced the masses to such ideas as ballerina flats, the little black dress, and innovative floral design. That’s right, floral design.Read more»


The Beauty of Porcelain Flowers

In the world of flowers, fresh isn’t the only option. Replicas in various media such as porcelain, paper, ceramic, and silk, have quickly grown in popularity as choices for alternative floral decoration. Read more»

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