What Flowers Are in Season in the Spring?

Changing seasons are the perfect time to draw inspiration when planning an event or planning a wedding in San Francisco. Spring flowers offer a bright and colorful palette to guide you.

Spring is a prime time for outdoor celebrations, and many clients ask what flowers are in season in the spring. Here are the most lovely and seasonal spring flowers for weddings and events.


Daffodils, most often marking the first signs of spring, are trumpet-like flowers that grow perennially from bulbs. They make beautiful cut flowers and are most commonly found in a bright yellow color, but they can also grow in hues of white and pink.

Photo by John Haslam


Sometimes called “windflowers,” Anemones are delicate flowers that come in a wide range of colors – everything from purple, to pink, to white.

Photo by Thomas


Ranunculus have ruffled, multi-petaled heads that make a long-lasting cut flower. You’ll find them growing in hues of orange, yellow, white, and pink.

RanunculusPhoto by Karol Franks


Tulips grow brightly colored, upright flowers with a sweet scent. They are found in almost all colors except pure blue, although some purple varieties have a blue hue.

TulipsPhoto by William Leung


Like the name implies, Lilacs often grow in a beautiful purple color (and sometimes white), and put out a wonderful scent.

lilacsPhoto by Til Westermayer


Hydrangeas grow on shrubs in large flowerheads, which are big clusters of smaller flowers. You can find them in white, blue, red, pink, or purple.

HydrangeasPhoto by fritzmb

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley produces highly aromatic, white bell-shaped flowers. The dainty blossoms were the bridal bouquet of choice for Princess Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

lily of the valleyPhoto by beautifulcataya


Narcissus flowers are a family of flowers that include the Daffodil. This family includes trumpet shaped, spring flowers.

NarcissusPhoto by Yochi_

French Tulips

French tulips have bigger blooms and longer stems than standard tulip varieties, and are named because they originated in the south of France. Their large size makes them beautiful in wedding bouquets.

french tulipsPhoto by MUMU.09


Peonies have fragrant, large blooms in colors like red, white, and yellow. They are often used as wedding flowers because they symbolize good fortune and a happy marriage.

Peony Dr. Alexander FlemmingPhoto by F.D. Richards

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