8 Reasons to Buy Your Mom Flowers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching — and fast. For many of us, this means carefully choosing a gift that shows Mom the appreciation she deserves. This year, delight your mom with a gorgeous Mother’s Day flower delivery that shows her how much she means to you.

We believe any day is an occasion for fresh flowers, but here are eight touching reminders that moms deserve recognition on Mother’s Day.

1. She makes sacrifices for her kids (and grandkids)

Kelli B. from Oregon loves her mom because she moved to be closer to her and her kids. “She loves them and spoils all of us and never hesitates to help me with anything —  like babysitting every weekend. I buy her potted flowers, hanging baskets, grape vines, tropical plants, etc. every year. She deserves much more.”

2. She creates family traditions

“My mom bought azaleas for my grandma every year since she was a little kid,” says Michele K. from New Jersey. “After my grandma died I started buying them for my mom so she would know someone someone saw how much she loved and cared for my grandma until the end.”

bouquet for mom

3. She loves unconditionally

Zack N. from Florida is buying his mom flowers for Mother’s Day for the completely selfless attitude she has always had towards her family and others. “To unconditionally love the myriad of personalities that are her children, as well as the way she continues to be accepting of all the other personalities of friends and strangers that she encounters daily. That makes her deserving to me,” he says.

4. She’s a true friend

Molly S. from Arizona brings her mom flowers all the time because she loves them and its the least she can do for all the constant friendship, love and support she continues to provide her with throughout adulthood. “My kids also know she loves flowers and so we usually bring her a bouquet on holidays and when the kids go over to stay the night or just whenever to make her smile. She deserves so much more but it’s something we can do on a regular basis that she loves,” she says.

Mother's Day bouquet

5. She guides you even when you’re an adult

“I would buy my mom flowers for being accepting when my 15-year-old daughter called her to tell her she’s gay,” says Rachel D. from Florida. Even when we’ve become parents ourselves, our mothers provide guidance and acceptance — not only for us, but for our own children.

6. She’s a great cook (or tries to be)

“My mom deserves flowers because she taught me to be proud of who I am. And because she makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches,” says Greg S. from Florida. Your mom may not be the best cook — but she never let you go hungry. Even pizza is ordered with love.

Mother's Day flowers

7. She’s your biggest fan

Our moms have known us the longest and have loved us the most. Every recital, performance, awards show or soccer game — she was there. “No matter how long and boring my piano recitals were, my mom would act like they were Tony Awards,” says Maria A. from Massachusetts. “And to this day she still sends me flowers to celebrate my achievements.”

8. She’d give you the world if she could

Moms would do anything for their kids, and they rarely take time to do things for themselves. Lillian S. from Florida reminds us that she finds Mother’s Day to be “a beautiful reflection of a great tradition that on one single day a year, the whole world will revolve around them and them alone.”

flowers for mother's day

For fond childhood memories and countless acts of love and support through the years, moms all over the country deserve a day of gratitude and celebration — and so much more.

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What are you doing for your mom, grandmother or mother figure this Mother’s Day?


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